Miriam Holder-Jacobs

Miriam Jacobs, Consultant Producer

Producer Jacobs is currently in pre-development for the Mary Elizabeth Bowser/Civil War unsung heroic spy story.  Also in pre-development, she has optioned a caper novel, DAMAGED GOODS, by Roland S. Jefferson as a screenplay adaptation published by Simon and Schuster/Atria; the romantic novel The Heart In My Head by Roxanne M., and The Soul Singer an indie faith based story by Nadine Weathersby.

Donna L. Kinsler

As an Executive Assistant, Donna worked with:  Stevie Wonder, Bill Duke, Marla Gibbs, Judge Mathis and Suzanne de Passe.  She also held the position as Operations Manager for the NAACP Hollywood Bureau/Image Awards.  Donna never abandoned her passion to empower and  teach those who were vulnerable and less fortunate.   She raised funds and visited a 6 year old orphan in S African named Nomsa and continues to support Sparrow’s Ministries in South Africa.  

Lura Daniels-Ball

Lura Cropped

Lura Daniels-Ball is a veteran  community relations and non-profit consultant with more than 40 years of experience in diversity and inclusion, event management and production, public relations, and marketing.  She is a trained vocalist who performs regularly and has a start-up cookie company Lura's Kitchen.